Vik, Iceland

Crashed DC-3








Good sleep on a plane, so easy

Economy or business? it does not matter. I do not know what a jetlag is, because life is so short and for most of us it is absolutely unacceptable to spend 1-2 days to adapt in the new time zone after a long flight. 

Therefore, you need to sleep on board, so that upon arrival, immediately study the new place, and not hobble to the hotel in search of a pillow. Many people think that it's enough to topple 50 grams of cognac to fall asleep, but in fact you can completely do without alcohol, because there are so many important nuances.

8th-20th rows is the noisiest area in the plane?why?

Every day, hundreds of laptops are broken due to the fact that the passenger of the front seat tilts sharply, which breaks the computer on her lap seated from behind.

They Use Cookies to Charge You More?

Some online businesses use tools in place to offer you a better experience, But airfare maybe different.